ABS Facility Solutions
Facility Maintenance Management Services

Facility Repairs and Maintenance

General Repairs and Maintenance

ABS can handle general facility maintenance repairs such as:

  • Light bulb replacement & ballast replacement
  • Scheduled air filter replacement & 
  • Carpenter & handyman repairs
  • Facility inspection & electronic record keeping & reporting
  • On-request maintenance repairs

Project Management & Vendor/Supplier Management

Our goal is to effectively manage a client’s facilities infrastructure and enhance workplace environments. ABS ensures facilities of all kinds run as smoothly as possible – regardless of location or complexity.

ABS will works with, and coordinate services, provided by vendors and suppliers for a client’s facilities, taking one less thing off a building owner’s to-do list. We will track costs and budgets and provide routing reporting and itemized records for all managed services. 

Utilizing our existing vendor network, and sourcing new vendors as needed, ABS can help manage facilities repairs and maintenance such as: roofing issues,  HVAC systems, door repairs, access control, fence & gate repairs, routing facility inspection of fire suppression & related needs.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Track and ensure compliance of life safety systems & inspections through onsite visits,  vendor coordination, and electronic record keeping. 

Electronic system inventory managing building systems and components repairs, maintenance records, warranty, and work order history.

Automatic scheduling, work assignment, and record keeping of preventative maintenance.